Graphic Design

At OMNI, you can order any graphic design services, as indicated on this page - typical, as well as any individual work, orders and projects. Typical include:

  • Development of corporate identity.
  • Creation of design layouts for printing.

Each service is presented in several packages, different in price and in their component. Write to us and we will help you choose the right package of services for your individual needs, depending on your wishes and possibilities.

Development of corporate identity

What is corporate identity and what is it for?

The corporate identity is an indispensable element in the formation of the company's image. It ensures the recognition of the company by buyers among competitors and interest among the target audience. A well-designed corporate identity will be the key to brand trust and competitive advantage.

What are the elements of the corporate identity?

✦ Logo

It is a unique graphical representation of a company that can consist of a brand name, text, or a combination of both.

✦ Signature colors

A well-thought-out color scheme when creating a corporate identity is the key to successful promotion of a company and its services. Provides market awareness.

✦ Polygraphy

Business cards, brochures, folders, envelopes - all these are elements of the printing industry. They reflect the corporate identity of the brand and are one of the ways to promote it in the market.

✦ Brandbook

The official "document" about the company, which contains descriptions of all brand concepts. As well as its attributes, a description of the target audience, the content of its philosophy and other data that are necessary for building communications with customers and business growth.

✦ Guideline

It contains a detailed description of the rules for using the proprietary. Contains a detailed description of the logo and a set of rules for its use. The guideline can be called a mini-brand book, since it contains the same information, but in a smaller volume.

When developing a corporate identity, you can move through the stages. In this case, you can first order a logo and then gradually improve other parts of the design.

Our experts will implement for you an individual corporate identity in accordance with the prepared technical specifications. By analyzing the scope of your company, we will take into account all possible similarities with other enterprises and create a unique design that will distinguish you from competitors.

When the technical assignment changes, the final cost of the work may be changed, since the price depends on the volume and complexity of the project. If you have a logo or brand book, the cost will be deducted.

Creation of printing products

What is a print layout design?

Design layout of printing is the development of a design or a general concept of the final printed product. Corrective editing of the text content of the layout. Making the necessary corrections to the layout, taking into account the peculiarities of the printing equipment.

Development of design layouts for printing is an important stage in the development of your business. We offer high-quality design development for all types of printed and digital products

Design of printing products is especially necessary for business meetings, exhibitions, conferences and meetings. In this case, information about the product will be conveyed in the simplest and fastest way possible. At the same time, our team prefers closer cooperation with the customer, which allows us to develop a really working type of advertising products, to fulfill his every wish.

Our experts will develop a unique design for you in accordance with the terms of reference. For the development of the layout design, the logo and contextual text are provided by you. You can send us design examples in which you like the style or some specific elements. Based on this information, we can make a layout design, which, if desired, can be supplemented or changed.