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What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is an analytics program developed by the Facebook company and can be used with the Facebook Business Manager service. It understands the actions of users on your site and allows you to evaluate the interaction of the ads. You can find out the conversions of the ads you run on Facebook, the detailed settings on their target audiences, how much the ad content performs, etc. You can optimize the situations with Facebook Pixel and easily build the bridge between your ads and your customers. Especially if you want to make your ads more effective and customer-oriented, you can create advertising policies with a very high success rate and use your budget more efficiently with Facebook Pixel. You can download Facebook Pixel software not only on computer but also tablet,

Facebook Pixel Creation

To create a Facebook Pixel, you first need to go to and follow the steps we will talk about. After clicking on the link, click the "Facebook Ads" tab on the page that comes up and click the "Pixels" button in the page that opens. We continue after clicking the "Create Your Pixel" section on the left tab of the page and a green button that says "Create a Pixel" just below; On the new page that comes up, you will be asked to create your Pixel name and when you accept the conditions and click the "Next" button, your pixel creation process will be completed.

In the next window, facebook will ask you to add “some code” and we will have started the work of several systems that we will do.

In the first step after that, facebook will offer the option to upload code with 2 methods;

  • Using an Integration or Tag Manager
  • Copying and Pasting the Code

Upload your pixel code as you prefer and you can start using it right away. However, if you want to fully understand and learn how to use Facebook Pixel, it is useful to read the rest of the article;


Using Facebook Pixel for Optimizing

You have created your Facebook pixel, added it to your website and taken care of all the necessary processes. Now you can easily create your ads and start using them. You can use the Power Editor to create ads, and you can create the ad content you want. Then mark "increase conversions on your website" and choose the name of the "conversion pixel" you want to associate with your ad or create a new pixel. Once you've identified the target variations relevant to your ad, in the Pricing & Bidding section, select "Website Conversions" to have your ads displayed by users most likely to return or engage as the app will set them up. And that's all.


What are the Advantages of Using Faceboko Pixel?

We talked about the fact that you will have easy management and optimization options with the Facebook Pixel application. However, by using the "Optimize for Website Conversions" option on your Facebook Pixel, you will easily show your ads to users who are most likely to engage. In addition, with the measurement feature, you can easily calculate the return on your expenses by measuring the amount of interaction created by your advertising content. Thus, you will have enough data about your budget, ad content and your audience, and you can make the most suitable optimizations for you.

Facebook Pixel is used by thousands of people and provides a lot of convenience and benefit in implementing your advertising policies. In this article, we talked about what Facebook Pixel is, how to use it, what features it contains about its content, and various advantages. For all the other platforms you need to know about advertising, you can check out the other articles.