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What is Social Media Advertising?

In today's world, the use of social media has increased considerably. The increase and development of this field has, of course, had an impact on different cultural and sectoral areas. One of them is Social Media Advertising . Social Media Advertising is one of the professions and advertising areas that has been on the rise in recent years. Today, companies give posters and signboards through these areas rather than advertising. Because even when people are walking on the streets, they do not look around, but look at their phones. It is quite normal for us to see advertisements on digital platforms due to the conditions created in this way.

In addition to being one of the trending professions of today, Social Media Advertising is very important for people who own corporate or individual businesses. Because social media spreads to people much faster than expected. Moreover, you have the chance to interact directly with people who are your potential customers. To give a small example; Let's say you have a business that sells musical instruments and you want to show your ads mainly to people between the ages of 15 and 30. You can easily provide them with the settings you make. You can only turn to your audience, instead of losing time and money by reaching users who are not your potential. Of course, Social Media Advertising is a profession and professions need training.


The Power of Social Media!

Social media are much more inclusive platforms than people think. Especially in the last seven years, there has been a tremendous demand. Practicality, speed, massiveness and memorability are also very important in advertising. When we look at social media platforms, advertising easily meets four important elements. Because of this, almost all of the companies and individual businesses are trying to promote their brands and products through these platforms. You can think like this; You have the chance to show your brand's product or business to millions of people in a few hours. Of course, this advertisement should go in a planned and strategy.

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Can Anyone Do Social Media Advertising?

Yes. Nowadays, anyone can do social media advertising. It is quite easy to advertise on popular platforms today. If you have materials, posters or videos, this process may take you 20 minutes. But the important question is:  “Can Anyone Do The Right Social Media Advertising?”  This question is the most crucial. The advertising strategy you produce can strengthen or weaken your brand. What needs to be done at this point is to receive vocational training in this field. In addition, those who do not have an individual business can easily take this training. In this way, they can work as a social media advertising specialist in any company .


How to Do Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is a very broad field. It has a wide range. The condition that creates this range is the diversity of the sectors and the demanded advertising operations. It is very important that you create your advertising materials and on which area you will create a strategy.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are some of the social media platforms that receive the most advertisements today. Although each of these platforms has different advertising conditions and requirements, they can agree on many points. The biggest advantage is that there are applications used by billions of people.

Determine Your Advertising Strategy

The first condition you need to do is; is to determine your advertising strategy. Your advertising strategy will act as a kind of map for you. It will answer many important questions such as which road you are on, how you should walk that road, what moves you should take at what time. Of course, everyone can make an advertising strategy, but how qualified it can be is debatable. There are many questions to ask yourself when creating your advertising strategy. Firstly; What am I aiming for in advertising? This question will be the answer to your potential. Secondly; What about my advertising materials? With this question, you will create a visual or literary image for your brand or your business. As the third; realistic approach. This is quite important; You can reach billions of people through social media, but this is a serious burden.

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Materials for Social Media Advertising

As we all know, we must have a concrete image, text or video in order to advertise and reach people. This point spreads to a completely different dimension of social media advertising. If you are planning to create an advertisement through an image; You need to be knowledgeable in fields such as graphic designer, photography or get support from others. You need a copywriter for your text-based advertising material. If you want video - which is the most challenging - you need a director, a team.

Set Your Budget

Budget is very important from social media ads. Because you can reach an audience proportional to your budget. It is also very important in providing accurate and efficient budget management. For example; It would not make much sense to advertise an intense ice cream in the winter months. It needs to be done less frequently. Those who determine and direct them; He is a person who has the qualification of "social media advertising expert".


Get Social Media Advertising Training

You can get social media expertise and social media advertising expertise training from us. With the training you will receive, you can make the most accurate digital advertising of your business. You may not have a company or business, by participating in this training; You can have a specialist certificate. In this way, you can take part in many companies as a social media advertising specialist. Since 1999, thousands of our students who have attended our trainings become a reference for you. Contact us and learn the formulas of the digital world.