Social media advertising

Promotion in social networks contributes to the creation of a positive brand image, the formation of connections with the target audience and, accordingly, the sales flow.

It is important not only to be present in social networks, but to act systematically, based on knowledge of your audience and deep experience of working with them. OMNI SMM specialists will help you promote your business and achieve your goals.

Stages of SMM promotion of the company:

  • Determination of goals and target audience
    • Understanding the goals of promotion and collecting information about the target audience will help you choose a suitable social network, develop an accurate and effective SMM strategy.
    • Most often, the goal of SMM is to increase the number of sales, however, it can still be: engaging the audience in the product, increasing customer loyalty, creating the company's image.
    • We will conduct a detailed analysis of your target audience, their interests and needs, study your competitors, and identify weaknesses. All this will contribute to extremely effective promotion in social networks and eliminate the negative consequences of the advertising campaign.
    Development of a detailed content plan
    • Based on the analysis of the target audience, we think over what kind of content can attract it. The content plan will allow you to establish a regular release of materials. When drawing up a content plan, we implement the publication release schedule, collect interesting information and divide it into various headings.
    • Alternation of types and genres of content. Various info graphics, video materials will raise the audience's activity.
    Branded design
    • Personalizing and branding your posts will help increase brand awareness, build trust with your audience, and make your posts stand out in your feed from other content. The high-quality design of the community makes you want to visit the company page more often.
    Regular posting according to the content plan
    • One of the foundations of online promotion is regularity. However, do not forget about the frequency, because if you release content regularly, once a week, this clearly does not have a very good effect on interaction with the audience.
    • Social media algorithms reward regularly updated company pages by raising their posts higher in the smart feed. If posts are published regularly, then the coverage of the company increases and vice versa. If the posting is conducted "unevenly", that is, the posts are released on completely different days, then the coverage decreases.
    Increasing the coverage of posts and activity
    • The smart feed in social networks sees the number of comments, likes and reposts of publications received. Unfortunately, the audience is not what it used to be. Responsiveness has decreased, and therefore coverage has decreased.
    • Our main task is to lure users with various publications. This can be done through contests, mini-quizzes, polls and discussions.
    Targeted advertising
    • Social networks contain a lot of information. Users provide information about themselves, which allows them to make targeted advertising as effective as possible. These data include gender, age, place of residence, interests, level of wealth and even position in life.